Three Little Words This Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time – the opportunity to see family, to celebrate the holiday and to enjoy musicals, parades, movies and an ever-present cup of hot cocoa. However, far too often we are sucked in by the hustle and bustle and find ourselves running from one activity to the next without the opportunity to truly enjoy any of the experiences.

Crazy singing Christmas House

This year, may I encourage you to employ three little words with great regularity? “No, thank you” can be so empowering, so freeing, so liberating for you and your family this month. You don’t need to stand in every retail line for that one item that will most likely be broken or lost by January. You don’t need to attend every version of the living Nativity, nor does every street filled with Christmas lights need to be seen.

It is really not crucial to say yes to every opportunity presented to you in celebrating Christmas. Saying “no, thank you” allows you to drink cocoa with your kids – to sit on the couch and watch Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree. It allows for story time and Christmas dreams and family game night.

The pressure is enormous and I completely understand. However, I believe that practicing “no, thank you” more than “yes, absolutely” will provide for a much better family Christmas experience. Relationships and memories that last will happen better in the moments of serenity than in the craziness of retail shopping.

Have a merry Christmas season and no, thank you, I am not able to attend your seasonal party!

~ Mike