5 Steps to Persistent Prayer for Your Children

True leadership begins in the home. If you are anything like me, you hope, think, plan and desire to pray more for your children. You see their struggles, their pain, their dreams and understand that without God…
However, life often happens. Busyness takes control and day by day we forget to pray for our kids. While it is good to pray in times of crisis, there is something about proactively praying blessing and grace and protection over our kids’ lives.
prayer nature
Photo courtesy of Leland Francisco
Luke 18:1-8 reveals a story that Christ shared regarding a persistent widow. She battled daily for justice and was finally granted relief from the judge simply because of her persistence. Oh, that I could pray for my children with such fervor.
While I am no expert here, I am growing and am working on a process to pray. This 5-step process is not foolproof, but provides a framework to begin more intentional prayer.
1) Envision their future – what do I want the future to look like for my children? Jobs, ministry, family, etc. Pray specifically over these.
2) Examine their present – pray for their friends, teachers and other people of influence in their lives. Know their likes and dislikes and pray accordingly.
3) Encourage their dreams – I need to carve out time on a regular basis to learn about the dreams of my children. I cannot rely solely on what I dream for them.
4) Embrace their fears – do not dismiss or avoid these. Fear is real and prayer is the antidote to fear. While God might not always answer immediately, there is peace in knowing He listens.
5) Encircle their heart – I pray daily for God to guard the hearts and minds of my children. To protect them from evil around them; not in a sheltered manner, but with wisdom and discernment.
How about you? Is leading your children through prayer a struggle? How do you make this a regular part of your daily routine?

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