Why Another Leadership Blog?

There are so many blogs on leadership available – why would we need another one? This is a question I have wrestled with for several years and finally came to the conclusion that I am the only one who can share my stories and experiences. I have been in ministry, through a divorce and remarriage, worked in healthy and dysfunctional environments and believe that I have learned much along the way.

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Photo courtesy of Jenny Downing

While I am not a leadership guru by any means, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. According to John Maxwell, “leadership is influence.” This means there are leaders in homes, in the Church, in workplaces and in communities all across the country. Many of us lead daily but do not recognize our leadership. Every choice I make personally is leadership – interactions with my wife and kids are expressions of leadership.

When I am at work or at church, I am leading. Sometimes this is by words, sometimes by activity, but always by my very presence. When I think of how often I watch other people, it causes me to realize how often I must be watched. If I am being watched, then I have influence and I am back to being a leader.

Leadership begins in the heart, with self-awareness and self-reflection. It then flows to my family and beyond. Ultimately, the best leadership is surrendered to God and His plans. While individuals may lead outside of His will, it is not nearly as effective as His hands would allow.

This blog is about a journey, about the steps of a leader as they grow and develop. It will be funny and sad, compelling and inspiring. This leadership blog will reveal my stories, both good and bad, and ideally share principles of influence. So what? How does this affect you, the reader? May my stories and experiences expand your influence and increase your leadership, whether at home, work or in your community.

Thanks for joining the journey,